Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Wonderful Arabesque

Beautifully colourful heart necklaces and earrings from Firefrost.
Some of the bolder statement pieces on offer.
Ti Sento jewels. I loved this selection. The rings are absolutely beautiful. 
Milan based Ti Sento had a great selection of pieces, delicate to chunky. 
Loved this Edblad rose gold necklace. Definitely on my Christmas wishlist, cheers Santa?
Beautiful Pandora Bracelets with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research.

Some of the sparkling rose gold pieces on offer. Hubba hubba. 
Prices as you can see of these gorgeous stainless steel pieces (especially those pyramid earrings) weren't remotely expensive.

Last week I was delighted to be contacted by Arabesque,* an independent jewellery store on Glasgow's Byres Road in the West end, to come in and take some photographs and write a review of their beautiful, sparkling products. 

I was welcomed by the extremely friendly staff, including boss Ruth, and they talked me through the vast selection of jewellery on offer in their relatively new boutique. They even gave me a lovely Arabesque ring as a little present - thank you guys! 

The jewellery on offer in Arabesque includes exclusive and established brands: Pandora, Tresor Paris, Ti Sento, Charming, Mimi & Marge, and Fredd Bennett, Firefrost and Fussione and selections I hadn't heard of before; Noah Barcelona's Touch, Noah Barcelona's Silk, , Harriot Grey and Nouv-Elle.  

I was extremely surprised at the range of prices within the shop. Pandora obviously was in keeping with it's pricier reputation, but many products from selections such as Ti Sento (I think my favourite selection in the shop) were all around and under the £30 mark. 

In addition, the range of styles was also very impressive. From delicately chained silver and stainless steel, to shimmering rose gold and statement necklaces, to elegantly jewelled rings and bracelets, there really is something for everyone here, be you jewellery connoisseur or general sparkle lover. 

Aptly named, 'a candy store for grown ups,' Arabesque will sweeten up any visitor with its warm welcome, individual personality and impressively varied selection. 

If you haven't made it yet, head along or go to their select online store here and find that special something for a loved one this Christmas. 



  1. Wow looks like they have some beautiful pieces. I love that rose gold necklace too

  2. such gorgeous pieces! I really like those necklaces :)

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  5. Gorgeous pieces! If I were you, I wouldn't have been able to leave the store without a few things, haha.

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  6. Lovely jewellery x

  7. they look neat- definitely could make a guest appearance on my christmas list this year!

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  13. These are all so lovely! I especially love the rose gold necklace. I can totally understand why it's on your wish list ;).


  14. Gorgeous jewellery, love the Pandora bracelets


  15. Looks beautiful, same goes for your photography skills! Definitely sticking around to see more posts from you. Keep them coming!

    Gen xx

  16. I really like the necklaces in the first picture -

  17. This is so cool! All the pieces are truly lovely.

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  18. Lovely peices of jewellery.. Great post!♥

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