Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Haus of Deck and Vintage Check

Haus of Deck Necklace* | Topshop Jacket | Primark Skirt | Vintage Hat (Similar)| Topshop Boots

Oh dear. Yet again I have failed to keep up with the blogger world and write posts more than once in a blue moon. (What even is a blue moon?) My new uni course has taken over my life and I find myself frantically trying to finish weekly deadlines so obviously, not much time for Little old Renault.. 

Anyway, the last few days have been slightly more organised and I've managed to get myself into a more breezy state of mind. Phew...
Recently, I was contacted by HAUS OF DECK,* a wonderful jewellery company with some amazing pieces, and asked if I could do a little review on some of their items. 

The lovely spike necklace in the above photographs and a very cute little gold ring (will be in next post!) were sent to me to try out. Thank you! I liked the metallic look of the spikes and the versatility of this kind of necklace means that it can be worn either during the day, or at night to spice up a plainer outfit. 

I've been a big fan of spikes and statement necklaces for a long time and I'm really glad they chose this piece for me. 

I've been living with my granny for the past month or so and as a result have been raiding her wardrobe on a daily basis. It's chocka with great vintage pieces like the blue shirt and hat. I feel that the necklace helps to modernise and de-flower this outfit a bit with a touch of harder detail.

Haus of Deck have an amazing selection of jewels and they're all really reasonably priced so check them out if you haven't already. I'll definitely be heading there the next time I'm feeling like I have anything resembling money in my pocket. And, at least I won't have the temptation of visiting any vintage shops any time soon as I'm basically living in one...! Hurrah. 

Have a great weekend!