Sunday, 29 September 2013

Catching the Sun and 501s

Levi Vintage 501 Jeans | Heeled Chelsea Boots | Vintage Belt | Primark Sunglasses | Thomas Pink Silk Shirt  Yoshi Mustard Satchel 

I finally bought my 501s. They were a bit expensive and I probably shouldn't have, but I've wanted them for a long time. I just love the way the sit and their high waisted casualness. And, at the end of the day as one of my friends once said to me, who wants to be the richest gal in the graveyard... (Worst excuse ever for splashing my hardly existing cash but I'm going to stick by it.)

I've been neglectful with my posts again, but I've indulged in a bit of escapism from my uni work today and got my dusty camera out to snap a bit of sun and a bit of 501. Hooray!

I took my westie dog Millie for a walk along the beach to catch some afternoon rays and as you can see from the photographs, it wasn't particularly sandy today and I kept falling over on the stones like the big oaf I am. (Note me laughing in above photo) Heeled boots and rocks do not a happy combo make.

I also dyed my hair this morning - it's been a productive day for Megan! I was mourning the loss of my ombre ends a bit and felt it would be nice to go a bit lighter for the winter so voila. I'm just a bit worried it's going to go a bit orange as time goes on, but for now, it'll do.

I teamed the absolutely beautiful (if I do say so myself) Thomas Pink silk shirt with my jeans. This shirt was on sale but I've linked it to a similar one on their site. When you see the price however you'll probably be disgusted with me for rubbing my scruffy wee dog all over mine - as I am a bit myself looking at the photos... I just forgot...