Friday, 15 March 2013


Passion For Fashion - Blogger's Competition

I came across this competition earlier today, when, you guessed it - I wasn't doing my dissertation! I really like the concept of the competition and for a starting out, finding your feet blogging beginner like myself, I think this is a really good way of illustrating the type of clothes I wear and my own personal taste. The competition is by and the aim is to create 3 looks all under £200 which epitomise S/S 2013. The categories are Casual, Beach/Holiday and Party. More details can be found here at the official website. Below are my entries for the comp...!

Vintage Monochrome

Monochrome has been a massive trend over the past few months and is hopefully (because I love it!) set to continue into the summer. I have teamed the monochrome elements with some vintage pieces to create a low key, casual look that connotes individuality and originality, while staying on trend.

TOTAL COST: £182.48

Eyelash Cardigan - River Island - £25: Summer days can often be hard to judge and a day that begins as a scorcher can often turn slightly chilly as day turns to evening. A white, lightweight cardie like this is a must have for casual, chilled out days in the park.

BOY London T-Shirt - £45: I love the monochrome tones of BOY London clothes and its grungy eighties style. I'm also a massive fan of cropped tees and this I'm sure will continue to be a hit as the sun gets his hat on (hip hip hip hooray) in Summer '13.

Diamond Shard Necklace - Topshop - £18.99: I was originally going to style this outfit with a gold statement chain necklace however when I came across this necklace I thought it added a certain pretty boho-ness to the outfit that the chain necklace wouldn't have brought. As summer means festivals, this necklace really reminded me of that hippy, tanned, care free,festival look.

Kukee Gemstone Ring - £2.50: My friend Caroline recently introduced me to the world of Kukee jewellery.  It is SO cheap, but so cute and there's some really individual pieces, so take a look! This ring, in the context of this outfit, again, like the Topshop necklace, adds a slight hint of colour and sparkle. 
Black Ankle Boots - ASOS - £38: As quoted in ELLE (April 2013 issue) ankle boots with bare legs and shorts is a key look for Summer '13. These boots will help lengthen your pins and bring a sexiness to this casual look. 

Black Levi 501's Vintage Denim Shorts - Ebay - £19.99: I'm such a sucker for Levi's vintage shorts like these. Great in winter with tights or summer with bare legs, these black shorts help to create the monochrome look, and the high waist helps to keep the 90s girlband crop top look to a minumum. Chic and cheerful.

MUA Lipstick in Shade 13 - Superdrug - £1.00: I'm going to do a post on MUA lipsticks as a whole because I think they're amazing, especially for their ONE POUND pricetag. The bold red statement lips help to give a bold and colourful edge to this otherwise completely monochrome look.
Vintage Sunglasses - ASOS/Reclaimed Vintage - £20: - I love these! They're fun and original. Reclaimed Vintage is the go-to label for a selection of sunglasses you won’t find anywhere else.

Sweet Sophistication

I chose to combine the greens, nudes and browns in this holiday outfit as I think the nudes and browns connotes a cool, sophisticated class, while the green helps to keep the outfit young, fun and summery bright.

TOTAL COST: £199.46

A bright bikini is an essential holiday item and the frills at the top of the bandeau help to disguise and make a smaller bust (like mine) appear larger! The bandeau also means an avoidance of tan lines.

White Floaty Mini Dress - H&M - £24.99: White and floaty cover-up dresses like this keep you cool and also help to accentuate your bronze goddess tan. A must-have in any holiday suitcase.

1970s Vintage Floppy Hat - £30: I saw this hat and fell in love with the minty green colour. I also have a love for wide brimmed floppy summer hats as I think they bring a feminine sophistication to any outfit.

Tortoise Shell Retro Sunglasses - River Island - £13: I've always wanted a pair of real Ray Ban sunglasses like these, but since I'm a poor impoverished student, these River Island fakies will have to do. They also compliment the retro 1970s hat and the white crisp dress.

Gold and Coral Necklace - New Look - £6.99: Noone wants to be out in the sun with a big chunky metal necklace weighing them down and making their neck sweat (tastaay). But this delicate and long necklace adds a sweet femininity and interest to the plain white dress and the coral coloured gem stone helps coordinates with the Barry M coral lipstick.

Barry M Nail Varnish in Emerald - £2.99: Colouful nails add a playfulness to any outfit, and in summer, well, it's all about having fun and being playful. The green also helps link to the bikini and the hat, keeping the look coordinated.

Hole Punched Leather Belt - Topshop - £32: This simple belt helps to both sinch in your waist and makes the ensemble more of an outfit rather than just a beach cover-up, so you can continue wearing the outfit into the evening. 

Leather Wedges - Office - £50: For a sexy, sophisticated look when lounging around the pool side, you can't go wrong with these leather wedges. Day or night, these are a perfect holiday shoe and will go with pretty much anything.

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Whenever I go to a party I like to have some sort of sparkle about me, whether in my accessories or in the clothes themselves. Recently discovering and falling in love with Virgos Lounge at Christmas, I thought it apt to use them for the party section as their clothes have such an original, vibrant and fun air. And let's face it, without a bit of vibrancy and fun, a party couldn't really be called a party. 

TOTAL COST: £181.49

White Tuxedo Blazer - Mango - £34.99: I have a love of light blazers and I think they bring a nice tailoring to an outfit. For summer nights a lightweight blazer like this one is perfect and it helps to set off and contrast with the black two piece.

Karla Crop Top - Virgos Lounge - £15: As I mentioned already, I'm a lover of the crop top. I also love a combination of black and gold in a party outfit so this really ticks all my boxes!

Karla Pencil Skirt - Virgos Lounge - £35: This matching pencil skirt ties in with this season's trend of longer skirts and its high waist keeps the look classy.

White Platform Wedges - River Island - £50: Coordinating with the blazer these platforms are absolutely beautiful. I know the immediate choice of shoe would be black but it's nice sometimes to make a statement which I think these shoes really do. The gold buckle also mirrors the gold in the top, skirt, bag and earrings.

Geometric Spike Earrings - Kukee - £2.50: Aptly contributing to the white, black and gold theme, these Kukee earrings really just bring the outfit together. Spikes in jewellery are a big thing at the moment and they help bring a certain edginess to a girly outfit.

Beaded Clutch Bag - River Island - £30: This clutch is basically the entire outfit in bag form. It has black, gold and white elements and it's sparkle ties in completely with the top and skirt. Love it. 

MAC Lipstick in Dark Side - £14: Teamed with an up-do hairstyle and the kukee spike earrings, a dark lipstick contrasts with the white jacket and really finishes the outfit off. Dark lipstick I feel always brings a stylish and sexy je ne sais quois to any party ensemble.


So there you have it! My three entries for the competition. I've really enjoyed doing this and think it'll definitely be a way to express what I'm currently loving clothes and makeup wise in future blogs. :) 



Red Sandals - Primark - £12.00
Clutch Bag - Primark - £6.00

There's been so many 21sts lately so thought I'd use one to make a wee blog post. These are some photos from my friend Erin's 21st at Stirling Golf Club. Pictures are a bit grainy and rubbish though as they're just off a mobile camera. I got the dress as an impulse buy and was going to take it back, but three people have asked to borrow it now so thinking I might just keep it! The sandals were only £12 from Primark and I absolutely love them and the coral colour. Looking at these photos I wish I'd worn a gold necklace with the dress just as I think it's maybe a bit too simple for a party without. I love the low back and tight material though - so unfortunately no bra and no (or very skimpy) knicks!


Vintage Levi 501s

(Image c/o

Ugh, why can't I be Rosie Huntington Whitely. Love her hair, her body, her face. No, I'm not a lesbian. However, I chose to put up this photo today because of what she's wearing. This is the kind of outfit I wish I could pull off. Vintage jeans with these shoes and that tummy? Not sure how this L.A look would fit in dreary, rainy Glasgow in March. However, the vintage jeans...? Yes please. 

While the Levi cut off shorts have become a staple in my own and a lot of my friend's wardrobes, I'm really wanting to get a pair of the jeans themselves. Rolled up for a bit of ankle cleavage and teamed with a cropped, colourful top, a leather jacket, a pair of ankle boots, and a chunky necklace to complete the ensemble. I think this is an outfit that could be seen in cloudy Glasgow and definitely not be gawped at for the wrong reasons - i.e where do you think you are, L.A? Here's how I'd imagine styling them - (Not quite Rosie, but a nice colder climes equivelant):


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Pin of the Day - Bookshelf Porn

Oh dear. Not been on here in quite some time. Dissertation hell has shackled me to the library and banished anything that could be remotely construed as procrastination, including my blogging beginnings.
However the procrastinating has returned.

This has always been a favourite site of mine which I discovered through pinterest a few months ago, but I hadn't looked at it in a while. My friend however posted a link to it on Facebook this morning and the way I see it, has helped combine both procrastination and what I was actually supposed to be doing - looking at books and writing about them.

Go to Bookshelf Porn (named one of the best blogs of 2012 by The Times) for a collection of creatively shot photographs of bookshops, libraries and bookshelves, both old and new. The photographs are hauntingly beautiful and create an original and vivacious collection of images that should be admired like an online art gallery.

The above show two of my favourite images from the site. The second photograph reminds me of myself as next week I have an art essay to write and will be doing the same as the woman pictured. Not quite as elegantly I fear - probably crying and looking gaunt; lacking in sleep. The first reminds me of a world of mystery and magic, of story books filled with the glittering atmosphere this photograph produces. I can just imagine the smell of that small alcove. Musty and old and full of adventure.