Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pin of the Day - Triptychs of Strangers

I found the above image on pinterest and then I explored it more and found a few others on flikr like it. The collection is called 'Triptychs of Strangers' and is by Brititsh photographer Adde Adesokan. The idea is to create a photograph that highlights the main focal points of a person's personality, the middle section tends to illustrate the person's occupation or a keen interest.

This the 20th stranger Adesokan has photographed with the melodic name Kim Tae Hwan. He is 35 years old and a fashion/editorial photographer mostly working for Elle, Dazed and Confused or Cosmopolitan.

I've left the link to this triptych collection because I find the concept very interesting. Might have a go myself once I finally get a new camera. 

Monday, 25 February 2013

MUA Aqua Nail Varnish

I first discovered MUA products a few months ago when I was doing a Superdrug binge. I was looking for a red lipstick for a party in a specific shade and eventually found one on the MUA stand, a brand I'd never heard of before. To my utter astonishment the lipstick was only a pound. Indeed, everything on the stand was. I was a bit dubious at first thinking it might be a bit like a baby's nappy - awful, but I bought a few things just to give them a try and in all honesty I've loved a lot of the MUA products ever since. However, I'd not tried the nail varnish until last night. My sister had bought this aquamarine shade. There's no number or official shade on the bottle (for £1 I wasn't particularly surprised).

The varnish itself was pretty watery, however it dried quite opaquely and surprisingly quickly. I expected it to chip straight away but on day two there's still no signs of wear even after a long shower. The shade of blue is bright and would be nice with a monochrome outfit, white or black, just to give an injection of quirky colour. It also makes my hands look more tanned which is always a bonus. We'll see how it is tomorrow but at the moment I'd definitely recommend this nail varnish. And for £1 you can't really go wrong...!

Pin of the Day - Stephanie LaCava

This is writer Stephanie LaCava during Paris Fashion week 2012 wearing Carven before Carven. I absolutely love this outfit and the combination of prints. The white collar compliments the white frilly socks and completes the ensemble. It makes me think sophisticated school girl chic! As Marc Francis from Made in Chelsea would say, uhh j'adore. http://pinterest.com/pin/117093659033926155/

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lovin' The Lumineers

This week, I got invited along with a friend of mine to see the Lumineers. 

Realising I hadn't actually been to a proper gig in a while I wasn't quite sure what to wear, but kept it casual with my Joni Topshop jeans (£30), a crochet crop top also from Topshop, (£20) and kept Elvis proud by donning my blue (fake) suede shoes from Primark (£13). I still thought I looked a little bit dinner-date however so I shoved on an old headband from Urban Outfitters and applied some dark lipstick, Boots's own 17 in 'Rich' (£4.99) 

I also accessorised with my trusty Deena and Ozzy bag below (£45.99) and after being to the gym to shower (see previous post!) I was feeling fresh. My hair was clean with no greasy gollum-ness and there were no dirt patches or scales in sight. 

We arrived at the Academy and headed straight to the bar for a pint - a novelty for me as the last time I was here I was only a seventeen year old lassie from the wee Isle of Arran (still unsure at that point of what a large crowd of people actually looked like). The Lumineers were supported by Langhorne Slim, an American singer-song writer whose sound was also very acoustic and folksy. We managed to barge our way to the front for a great night of Lumineers tunage. So many of their songs that I hadn't particularly thought were that good were amazing live. I also think I've fallen in love with the lead singer - Wesley Shultz. Mrs. Megan Shultz. Totally has a ring to it. Afterwards we headed back to the West End for an end of evening pint in The Oran Mor. A lovely wee night - I could actually drink in the Academy, I was clean, and I discovered, surprisingly, that guys with the name Wesley could actually be hot.

(Thanks to my lovely flatmate Amy for taking the cringey, posy pics of me in our kitchen.)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Plight of an Unwashed Girl from Glasgow

Dirty nails. Greasy hair. Unwashed armpits. 

These are usually things one would associate with gollum, however in the past few weeks they have, unfortunately, become things I have had to live with. 

No, I've not decided to embrace my inner skunk or decided that washing is just not chic. The despairing crux of this first world plight is that our boiler has stopped producing hot water. And so, myself and my two flatmates have had to come up with other solutions to washing ourselves, or indeed, appearing like we have showered when we haven't really in over 3 days. Tasty. 

One of my favourite, and most soul destroying solutions, was to attempt to fill the bath with hot water from the kettle and boiled water from pots on the cooker. Although on paper, this looks like it could potentially work, the harsh reality was that it was one of the most stupid things I've ever tried to do. The water cooled almost instantly, and even with all my pots and kettle full of water, it made a puddle look like a swimming pool. Also, the pots weren't entirely clean, so there were little bits of brocolli floating in the lukewarm puddle I'd created. I'd basically made some cold soup. 

When this didn't work I decided to fill the sink with boiling water from the kettle to make a sink bath and sponge myself clean. However, trying to shave your legs in this sort of situation is not particularly easy, or ladylike. Washing your hair with freezing water over the side of the bath with the shower head also leaves you feeling dazed, lightheaded and like you've just climbed out the arctic ocean. 

So, after about 2 weeks of these ridiculous methods and looking like a creature probably holding high resemblance to be the missing link, we decided to utilise those other people we know - our friends. Thankfully my friend Suzi lives just down the road, and very kindly let me use her shower. Bliss. Instead of drying my hair there however, I thought it would be fine to just walk home with a towel round my head (note street lamppost). It seems like not showering had also left me slightly insane. I got a few funny looks, but I didn't care. I was finally clean. 

Yet, this clean feeling wasn't there three days later when the boiler man still hadn't been to fix our shower. So me and my flatmate Amy decided to use the gym showers, (at least they're free). Dressing in our 'sports' gear - we went down to the gym for a sweet workout (climbing some stairs) and dived straight into the water. However, sadly, the showers here were also lukewarm and having to press the button every two seconds was not easy when trying to shave.

On the plus side however, Boots' business on Byres Road in Glasgow is booming from their record sales in Batiste Dry Shampoo, Deodorant and Johnstones Baby Wipes. It's like we're in permanent residence at T in the Park. 

Sadly, our shower is still broken. And as I sit here writing, I can definitely smell the unwashed scent of myself. Further accentuating the stench is the fact I have been working as a waitress all day and the smell of chip fat is lingering. Still, what's perfume for? To mask the smell of dirt and chip fat obviously. I have brought a new meaning to Eau du Toilette.

Could I use your shower?